Building a pipeline

How can we build a pipeline of small- and medium-sized enterprises that promote inclusive, nature-friendly products and services? How can we help these enterprises become investment-ready? How can we help them connect with investors and establish effective relationships and partnerships?

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Jim Harkness
Jim Harkness
1 year ago

Yesterday someone asked about what we can learn about scaling up from the microfinance sector, and I have some thoughts on that. I was at Ford Foundation and funded the earliest experiments with microfinance in China in the 1990s. There was always great urgency to scale up, in order to connect microfinance organizations to commercial capital. But in the rush to get big, the question of impact tended to get lost. By the mid-2000s there were very serious questions about whether this entire sector was actually benefiting women in the Global South, or simply getting them in debt. In fact,… Read more »

Jamison Brooks Ervin
Jamison Brooks Ervin
1 year ago
Reply to  Jim Harkness

Thanks for this perspective, Jim! The question then is how do we get to scale using local due dligence models. Have you seen any models that work at scale that we can replicate?